Payment peace of mind.
The payments you make using Moneyclic are safe and secure; no personal or banking information is required. By paying in cash on the internet, you avoid all risk of fraud or identity theft.

Payment freedom.
All the websites that accept Moneyclic as a payment method have been selected especially for you by ourselves.

Zero risk.
Your ticket both belongs to you and can only be used by you. Thanks to the technologies that have been put in place, your Moneyclic PIN codes are protected.

Essential tips from the Moneyclic team:

  • Be vigilant! If you become aware of any suspicious activity or have any doubts about a website or an individual person, contact our support team immediately.
  • Purchase your Moneyclic tickets only from partner retail outlets.
  • Never divulge your Moneyclic PIN code to any third parties, whether by telephone or email, and this even includes our own customer support teams.
  • Before using your prepaid Moneyclic ticket, check that the website in question is a genuine Moneyclic partner.
  • Keep your Moneyclic ticket in a safe place.
  • Always retain your ticket until the balance is fully exhausted! You may be asked to produce it if any issues occur when the balance is being loaded onto it.