Moneyclic, simplicity and freedom of payment above all else!
The Moneyclic payment solution is one of the best alternatives to traditional bank accounts and credit/debit cards.

Cash you can use to pay online.
Moneyclic converts your cash into a unique 16-digit PIN code that can be used to pay for purchases or play on our partner commercial websites.

Moneyclic is for everyone.
If you don't have a credit/debit card, or if you simply want to keep your personal information confidential when paying online, Moneyclic is the ideal payment method to use!

Paying in cash on the internet: it couldn't be more simple.
To use your prepaid Moneyclic ticket, visit one of our partner websites, which can be found HERE. Once you've entered your Moneyclic code, you'll be able to make your payment in complete freedom whilst at the same time maintaining full control over your spending.

Pay as easily on our partner websites as when paying in cash and enjoy unrestricted freedom of payment once again with Moneyclic.