How-to guide

1. Where can I buy tickets?

Find your closest retail outlet using our special search tool or purchase your ticket immediately online.

2. Purchasing your ticket.

No registration or personal information required! Purchase your Moneyclic ticket and use it immediately on one of our partner sites.

3. Get playing and try to win!

Enter your code on the payment page to complete the transaction. If the balance on your ticket is not entirely exhausted, you'll be able to use it again afterwards. Once your payment has been confirmed, start playing. Good luck!

Moneyclic allows anyone to pay online.
No credit/debit card is required when purchasing Moneyclic tickets. Whether you’re reticent about the idea of buying things on the internet or are simply looking for an alternative way of paying online, Moneyclic will become your essential playing partner.

Because your personal information and banking details are not routinely requested when you pay using a Moneyclic ticket, the purchases you make remain confidential. Moneyclic tickets are not linked to your bank or current account in any way.

You can purchase whatever balance you require up to a maximum of €1000 then pay completely securely and confidentially on your favourite websites.